Dear friends!
We have repeatedly referred to you, saying that your donations and charitable contributions help us to render assistance to those in need, at the time when it is not possible to do for the sponsor’s money. And today Hesed itself, needs your support.
You all know, that apart from providing social assistance, Hesed is carrying on major efforts on revival of  Jewish traditions – cultural, religious,  musical and many others. When the working day is over, different coteries, rehearsals of creative teams, preparation of various activities and holidays, and on Sundays – Jewish Sunday school is being carried on in Hesed premises.
We all got used that doors of Hesed are open for visitors basically all the time. But right now, we have faced certain hardships. Our sponsor’s moneys are not enough to cover full cost of maintaining security service. In consequence of this, security service have to be shifted into the other operating mode and Hesed premises will become  unavailable  for everyone in the evening time and during weekends. As a result carrying on creative and academic classes can be at risk on these very hours.
In order not to let it happen we are asking for your help. Only by means of donations we will be able to maintain security service. We would still try to help you in those cases, when sponsor’s moneys will not be enough or we can not do it within the framework of existing requirements. But right now, we are reoffering to you, asking for the most current issue.
It would be very good, if sponsors could see and feel, that  Cherkassy Jews are not only obtaining something from Hesed, but are also ready to do something for its existence and operation.
You can render your help to Hesed, by putting money in Tsdaka at any of Hesed’s programs or by transferring money into our account:
                    a/c № 26006041570901
                    Bank identifier code 351005
                    Enterprise code 24417271
                    Purpose of payment – “Charity contribution”
If you live not in Ukraine, then your charity contribution can be transferred on the same account details.
Grateful for your support and understanding

 Dmitry Spivakovsky
Director of Hesed Dorot CRCJF


Our sponsors