Purim 5772(2012) in Cherkassy

     Tu Bishvat in Jewish group Prahim 5772 (2012)

      Hanukkah Concert 5772 (2012)

      Hanukkah in the Jewish children's group

      Make a gift of miracle to a child

      Day of Jewish knowledge

      Autumn holidays in the Jewish children's group

       Shabbaton in Sukkot

       Draw and study the Torah.

          Ten years of the program "Day Care Center"

       In memory of Holocaust victims Lysyanskogo district (Cherkassy region)

       Lesson on applied creativity using technology kvilling in the  Micky Fried Day Centre

          Summer camp 2011 in Hesed

          The project is "In the footsteps of the Jews of Cherkassy region

          Passover 2011(5771)   

          Purim 2011(5771) 


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